Pomodoro Lamp

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Project developed by: Claudia, Nazarena, Giacomo, Francesco.

Issued from the course: To Be A Maker. Cultural program of Collegio di Milano 2012/2013. Teachers: Serena Cangiano, Matteo Loglio.

Is your eyesight getting worse because of hours of study in a dark library? Does your back hurt  after too many hours spent in front of the desk? Then the ”Pomodoro Lamp”  is what you’re looking for! This magical lamp is multifunctional:

  • It turns on automatically when it detects your presence (but only if the outdoor light is low enough to justify such a power consumption);
  • If the darkness is falling while you’re at your desk, she turns on, preserving your wallet from being emptied by your oculist (we hope you’re not a oculist);
  • A flashing light warns you if you’re sitting for a long time (maybe it’s time to stretch a bit). You should follow this advice, otherwise the lamp will come to life and shake left and right, preventing you from overstudying. If you need to work hard and you don’t want to have a break, hit the button and the counter will reset (remember: your back may be affected!).
  • When you go away, the light turns off automatically (no more switches!).


Arduino sketch & box

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.Project developed by: Michele Bugliaro Goggia.

Issued from the course: Summer school in digital fabrication.

Being the first project I’ve ever done in the field of digital fabrication, I wanted to create a simple but playful object, one that can be adapted to different occasions and even user mood.

With these ideas in mind, my object is not just a toy but an object with a practical use, since the top-front part can be opened. Such internal space is a real box that can be used to stock any items.

If the box is open: anyone can store any common objects. If the box is closed: the toy becomes a secret treasury box.


  • A wooden plate.
  • An ABS reel, max 0.5 mm in diameter.
  • Two wooden sticks, long enough to become the axis of the car.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.

Building the object

This project is a box with a simple internal mechanism, so be careful to test it before gluing the box! The car uses a principle very similar to what we find in windmills: the wheels are connected to a first internal sprocket, which is connected to a second vertical sprocket. Moving the wheels makes the mechanism spin, so kinetic energy is transmitted to the blades.
Once you laser-cut all the pieces, you can put together the mechanism. Start by gluing the center stage, where the whole mechanism is going to be placed. Then, you can prepare both sprockets, the four big car wheels and the blades. For both sprockets to touch each other, cut little pieces of ABS wire. Wheels and blades are reinforced by smaller circlets inbetween. Once you’re ready, start by gluing the base with all sides of the car (left-right-top), plus the dividing wall inside. You can proceed to insert the sticks with the horizontal sprocket and the wheels. Test the distances first. Please notice the lower part of the vertical stick must not be glued against the stage. The mechanism must work so that the horizontal sprocket touches and pushes the vertical sprocket. Once the mechanism runs with no glitch, you can glue each sprocket in that precise position.


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