Overheating in Ticino

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Author: Alessandra Riva

Teachers: Giovanni Profeta, Andreas Gysin, Marco Lurati

Data: Spring Semester 2019

Realization context: Interaction design course, SUPSI CV

Project description: Climate change is an important issue that the world must face, in addition to extreme events such as floods, droughts and hurricanes affecting various parts of the world. The most gradual changes in climate have the potential to completely transform the world in which we live.

With my project I’ve tried to expose the climatic and meteorological changes in Ticino, using the Basodino glacier as an example in order to highlight the consequences deriving from this changes.

My project allowed to visualize the data of the Office of statistics and of the oasis related to the change of temperature and the melting of the Basodino glacier, through a 3D model. Thanks to an installation, the user could observe the changes occurred over the last few decades.

Technical description: The three-dimensional model of the Basodino glacier was created starting from the height map of the terrain generated online on the website terrain.party and then imported in Blender. By using the “displacement” modifier in Blender on a plane with the height map as a texture, the 3D model has been generated and then exported as STL file that was successively 3D printed.

The entire model is made with a recycled PLA thread.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.