NadNed Rocking Stool

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NadNed is a rocking stool designed by Dor Keenan for a short design residency at Fablab Lugano.
The project has been submitted to Reshape – Digital Craft Competition launched in October 2013.

The rocking chair soothes the body and mind with the rhythmic, gentle motion that melts away the stress.
The back and forth motion provides social, emotional and motor development. It is like the reminder of our mother womb. Blood pressure falls and respiration slows down – it is called relaxation. The rocking movement provides a good exercise for the mind, body and spirit.

Designing one rocking stool with two different experiences. Each side of the stool offers a different speed and hardness.

One sheet of 15mm plywood cut with a CNC machine (shopbot buddy 48′)

3 minutes

45cm x 45cm x 40cm

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