Open FM Radio Lab @Gwenfestival 2013

Rolling radio
Gwenstival is an international festival about music and radio broadcasting. It takes place in Chiasso, a Swiss Italian town at the boundaries with Italy. The festival is organized by the passionate promoters of Radio Gwendalyn , an independent web radio located in a house close to the railway station of Chiasso.

Serena: Open FM Radio Lab is a workshop about how to build FM radio receivers and customized them by designing and creating the physical interface of the radio through digital fabrication techniques. In two days workshops the radio lovers and friends of Radio Gwendalyn and Gwenstival learned how to solder electronics and use the hot glue gun to create unique FM receivers.

We organized the workshop at the fantastic Centro Giovani Chiasso where we had the chance to let young people get in touch with the fabulous world of “making”.

Lucia Rabago, a smart and young mechatronic engineer from Mexico, taught how to face the assembling phase of the electronic kit. Resistor, capacitors, soldering irons….It was an hard task considering that all participants were beginners. However, it was not a tough activity considering that the participants who first completed the kits where Sofia and Alessandro, 8 years old kids.


Matteo: The workshop has been a great experience and we can consider it a success, as all the participants went home with a working custom radio. There were definitely some good vibrations and collaboration initiatives, from kids to adults. I brought a PRUSA 3D printer from the FabLab in Torino that the participants could use. First they were making knobs with TinkerCad, an online 3D shaping tool, then the designs were finally printed.

Finally, the participants designed the shape of the radio and assembled them through wood or acrylic pieces that were patiently laser cut at FabLab SUPSI Lugano.
Matteo and Prusa

Here you find the photo documentation, Check the portfolio section for the techical documentation of the workshop materials and results.
We thank you FabLab Torino for the loan of the Prusa RepRap and David Mellis for having shared the idea and the designs of his kit Fab FM, that we have used as a starting point for the workshop kit.

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